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Evolving B2B Marketing Tactics for 2019

March 13 2019 , Written by Esources Published on #esources, #esources review, #esources.co.uk, #esources.co.uk review

You do not have to be an expert to predict what the nature of B2B growth will be in the year 2019. 

Any savvy marketer knows that the B2B marketing landscape will be robust, competitive and will leverage the ever emerging technologies to reach out to newer consumer base.

However, no one will be chastised if he or she repeats a few strategies that will continue to be gaining in popularity in 2019 too.

One of the strategies is personalization. 

Personalization can however be given another name that is more fine-tuned– and that appellation is micro-targeting.

What is micro-targeting all about?

Micro-targeting refers to customizing messages or campaigns to smaller sections of high-yield customers. The objective is to allow B2B companies to concentrate on smaller target audiences for a better conversion rate.

But how do you do it?

You need to leverage demographics and customer data to garner a deeper understanding of consumers and precisely predict campaigning impact. 

If done thoroughly, micro targeting has the potential to pump-up conversions and sales figures and enhance customer relationships.

There is more to it than just leveraging demographics.

The business must find profitable niches within an assortment of potential consumers.

Only in this manner, the business will be able to focus their limited resources  precisely on the target groups within the audience. 

Yet we must admit that the challenges are tough to overcome.

Company CEOs are increasingly demanding more tangible and concrete metrics. The stress from the upper management is to be data driven and the upshot of this demand is we are witnessing an emergence of tools and technologies.

Marketers are increasingly searching for answers to the following questions.

  • Which analytics must they focus on?
  • How the technologies differ?
  • What tools are available in the market?
  • Will these tools adapt to the existing marketing technologies?

The good news however is there are portals that allows you to search for the perfect target audience. 

One such portal is Esources. 

Rightly so as one prominent Esources Review says, “Esources offers free access to all premium suppliers, priority listing in international directory and a feature that allows businesses to contact UK trade suppliers directly”.

With Esources, businesses can leverage data on customers for insights into behaviors that propel conversions. This certainly is a compelling advantage.

And do not forget marketing automation. This trend will strongly continue in 2019.

A company’s CRM, SEO tasks, email campaigns, lead scoring and content management can all converge in one location. 

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