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Developing Marketing Strategies Through Various Approaches

January 9 2019 , Written by Aldon Richards Published on #esources, #esources review, #esources.co.uk, #esources.co.uk review

You may be able to reach out to scores of buyers and sellers through the portal Esources, but unless customer experience is built into your marketing strategy you are not likely to succeed.

Customer experience is what differentiates a smart company from a shabby one. 

You must leverage the digital dimension to deliver great customer experience. 

Today is the age of mass personalization. Customers expect a good experience across the entire buy/sell journey.

A bad patch at any touchpoint is enough to spoil the entire show. 

To have a clear perspective of the customer journey as a single unified experience is a challenge that many companies face.

Thankfully, digital technologies can help.

Digital tools can no doubt help in identifying multiple channels and personalizing the entire journey. 

But technology itself cannot provide all the answers. You need to be smart and think out of box. 

“A tailored personalization strategy must meet the needs of each customer – and for that you need a huge amount of data”, says a marketing guru.

Typically a business gives high importance to a product launch, as they should. 

The team however must also prepare a strategy to make the launch successful.

“Build demand for your product before you launch it”, says a marketing rep of a popular camera brand. 

An online campaign of the product announcement must include a straightforward and inviting description.

Consumers will also want access to the product specification and a list of online stores where they can buy the product.

It is vital that a company must connect with the customer touch-points.

Touch-points in business parlance refer to all encounters where consumers and the business engage in exchanging information.   

In other words it is the brand’s points of contacts. For example, it can commence with a TV, newspaper or online ad, ratings and reviews, visits to the websites, getting in touch with the customer service, and finally buying the product.

And all along the journey you must optimize the customer experience.

Unless you expand the buyer persona of your target audience, you are unlikely to make any headway.

But how do you do it?

This is a million dollar question. First identify your target audience. A portal like Esources can help you there. 

According to an Esources Review, the portal has the most exhaustive list of buyers and sellers. 

Next get free persona templates. There are plenty out there if you search via the internet.

A persona template will easily allow you to organize your target consumer segments and provide muscle to your marketing efforts. 

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